Outdoor Expert

Outdoor Expert Nostalgia Ferry travels between Tung Lung Island and Sam Ka Tsuen Pier on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in the world. The reason that the “one-hour living circle” is that it is convenient and quick to enter the countryside from the city. In […]

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Archeology of Tung Lung Island

Archeology of Tung Lung Island Tung Lung Chau fort located east of the island,on the island visitors can overlookthe Fat Tong Mun. According to Xin’an County Records, Tung Lung Chai Fort was built during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1662-72) to protect against pirates. However, another records mentioned that the fort was ordered to be […]

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Natural scenery of Tung Lung Island

Natural scenery of Tung Lung Island https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpoAQQrWPdA Ferry docked at Nandong Pier in Tunglong Island. Nantang is the old name of Dong Long Island. Due to the characteristics of the local natural sea caves, the villagers in the island refer to Nantang as “Tong Long Island” and later officially renamed “Tung Lung Chau” or “Tung […]

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Mini Store on the Island

Mini Store on the Island   To Tung Lung Island sightseeing or camping, passengers will eat in the mini store. Holiday store is the island’s first store, is also one of the local landmark. Owner Liu Xue and her daughter with a cordial hospitality, is a star in the heart of hikers.. Two of the […]

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Sunrise in Lung Lung Island

Many people prefer camping on the Island rather than other camping sites in Hong Kong. Since camping in the outlying islands is near the recharge site like mini store operated by the inhabitants of the island and the gorgeous landscape surrounded by sea is much more fascinating. Especially in Tung Lung Island ,camper may enjoy […]

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10 minutes travel back to the old Hong Kong

10 minutes travel back to the old Hong Kong The journey from Sai Wan Ho to Kwun Tong takes about 10 minutesDuring this 10-minute ride, passengers can return to Hong Kong in the 1970s and 1980s.Coral Sea ferry ‘s design team renovated two ferries in two different theme including “old-fashioned Hong Kong home life” in […]

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Soho East – Food Street

Soho East Food Street Soho East is a international cuisine area. Whether you be fond of Japanese, Italian, French or Spanish,and the “main course” ,Victoria Harbor. Most of the restaurants, cafes or bars face to Victoria Harbor with open-air seating where you can enjoy world-class cuisines with the breeze from the sea and the dazzling […]

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Nostalgic Ferry – Neighbour Tour Guide

Nostalgic Ferry – Neighbour Tour Guide The “nostalgic ferry” wooden fishing boat have different characteristic of old Hong Kong.Ferry shuttle across Hong Kong Victoria Harbor by three different routes including Sai Wan Ho from Hong Kong Island to Kwun Tong, Kowloon,Sai Wan Ho to Lei Yue Mun Village. It connects the attraction by a unique […]

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Traditional customs and beliefs of the sea

Traditional customs and beliefs of the sea Apart from seafood restaurants,Lei Yue Mun rocks name in Tin Hau Temple. Facing the ocean, this “palace of the God” is one of the most romantic temples in Hong Kong since the beach is full of strangely shaped rocks, with Victoria Harbor, Heng Fa Chuen and Haiphong Museum, it became a […]

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