About Tung Lung Island

Ancient Rock Carving

Walk down to reach the Tung Lung Campsite, it is the backyard for campers to get away from daily busy life. You can have an experience of 360 degrees view of sunrise and sunset with a concerto by surf on the island. Also, species like fireflies, indigenous insects and birds could be found on the island which all are adorable and priceless. Surrounding the barbeque pit at night, sharing with your lovely friends, what a joyful moment!

Heritage is also rich on the island. Tung Lung Fort, one of the greatest heritages of the island is just up on the right side of the campsite, which was built during Kangxi era, around 1719 to 1722 by Yang Lin, the Governor of Lingnan for pirate defense. As the fort is on an island, problems of supply and support pushed the final replacement by Kowloon Fort in 1810. Tung Lung Fort is a rectangle building measured 33.5m height, 22.5m width and 3m height, there were garrison with 15 soldier camps and 8 cannons in Ching dynasty, but only remains the broken stone constructions now.

Few stores sell local food and drinks on the island which each store has their own unique recipe, such as red bean ice and honeyed Mandarin fruit drink.

Not only the nature lovers, the beautiful and natural view attracted the production teams of TV dramas too, many TV dramas were shooting here. People love Tung Lung Island, and maintain it well as our pretty backyard.

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