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Nostalgia Ferry travels between Tung Lung Island and Sam Ka Tsuen Pier on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in the world. The reason that the "one-hour living circle" is that it is convenient and quick to enter the countryside from the city. In the wild, hiking, picnicking, camping is indeed leisurely, but for the pursuit of excitement, you can have more choices. If there is an activity, you can set foot on the edge of the cliff, observe the sea besides the foot, or even flying to the other side of the rope, do not you expect that adventure?

The road between the cliffs

Face of nature, people's mind and courage will be much broader.A multitude of adventurous people must not remain quietly on land.As a result, the Zipline came into being, one of the extreme activities of crossing the airborne path of ropes.Hong Kong is less plains and more hills, there are many locations suitable for Zipline .Gordon, the founder of "Hong Kong Climbing Adventure," is a trainer in sports climbing and recreation along the rope. In addition to Zipline , Gordon has also held many outdoor extreme activities such as waterfalls and rock climbing for many years. Two years ago, when the media started to report the number of air strikes and rock climbing, the number of applicants increased rapidly. He found that such extreme activities were very good in Hong Kong. As a result, the scale was gradually expanded. Nowadays, outdoor activities groups are held every week.

Gordon refers to Zipline mainly divided into three types: the natural environment, the woods and artificial construction.
The natural environment is Erecting between rivers and sea cliffs.The woods is more common in the farm , use more trees to connect cableway. Artificial construction is the construction of cable connections such as the use of concrete, camp or the more often used agencies, and more for training purposes.He stated: "Compared to the natural environment, artificial construction has fewer extreme sports elements."One of the popular Zipline and rock climber sitting in the natural environment is Tung Long Island. Benefit from the mountains views and ups and downs of the terrain. The island is full of people close to nature every weekend.

Easy to get start

One of the reasons that air strikes are extreme activities is not as hard to get started as other extreme sports. One of the reasons is that there are no technical or physical factors involved. "Climbing, lowering the ropes need to stress the players' physical strength and skills.However, the most important part of Zipline to overcome is inner fear.As the Zipline is operated by professional team ,the risk of injury significantly reduce. The most serious injuries I've seen over the years were just bruises. "However,  participant must sign the disclaimer. It is also advisable to consult a doctor beforehand whether it is suitable for the event and the most important is play it safe. In addition, unlike other extreme sports, Zipline does not require long hours of exercise.One of the participants, Vincent, had been playing along the ropes before and said It was exciting and enrolled since the cliffs on Tung Lung Island were nearly 30 meters high. He said that along the rope down to the middle, it is difficult to find the end of the cliff,It Increase the difficulty and challenge.Gordon smiled and said that the Zipline only need to be courageous, a sense of success quickly spontaneously, "strictly speaking, Zipline are not exercise, but activity."

It is simple to jump out of the way. However facing the cliffs and fear of high, the fear is the inevitable reflex action. Gordon asked participants to jump out of the cliffs by thir own. "I can definitely push them one, but in this case, the player is completely dominated and loss the independence,There is no pleasure without your own abilities or guts."During the process of jumping, the player will go through tones of struggles.However after the decision of jumping out of the moment, this hesitation will be replaced by the pleasure. "

The scene shows that after the "first jump", many players have gained tremendous courage and took pictures on their way to the second jump. "Most players will upload photos to social networking sites and it should be the mainstream now." However, he advises participants not to try too many times as they get used to the sensation of excitement.


Hong Kong Climbing Adventure and others provide a variety of adventure programs for participation such as aerial skis, rope descent, climbing, waterfalls, waterfalls and more.

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