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Tung Lung Island is also called Holes Island or Tung Lung Chau, an island right next to the Hong Kong Island. The ferry journey takes only 30 minutes from Sai Wan Ho or Sam Ka Tsuen, Lei Yue Mun. From Tung Lung Ferry Pier towards the North, you can explore these famous points of view: Hung Shing Temple, rock caving, the cliff, the sea gully, the light house, villages and the Tung Lung fort. There is Tung Lung Chau Campsite, a public camping site in the Tung Lung Fort Special Area.

Next to the Tung Lung Chau Ferry Pier, there is the Hung Shing Temple. By the clear guidepost everywhere on the island, turn right from the pier and you will find the rock caving, one of the declared monuments in Hong Kong, was protected by The Antiquities and Monuments Ordinance since 1979. This is the largest ancient rock caving in Hong Kong boundary, which measures 180 cm by 240 cm, the pattern is complicated and resembles dragons.

Move forward, reach the heliport in the higher place to look down the nice view of Luk Keng Bay. Downwards the slope, there are impressive grand sights of cliffs with surf, but please pay attention with your steps as the path is rugged and filled with gravel.

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