Seafood Festival

Seafood Festival

The organizer, Lei Yue Mun Kaifong Welfare Association, holds an annual seafood festival with a total of 19 restaurants and 30 seafood stalls to promote local seafood specialties to the public and tourists.

Lei Yue Mun is made up of Four Mounds and is located in the southeast of Yau Tong Industrial Estate in Kwun Tong District. Lei Yue Mun Village has a history of more than one hundred and fifty years.
In the 60s of last century, Lei Yue Mun first restaurant only appeared,
As a result of the successful business development, other fishermen followed suit and eventually developed into a world-renowned center for seafood delicacies. Many Hong Kong residents and tourists came to taste delicious seafood.

Lei Yue Mun, the most important event, must be the Lei Yue Mun Seafood Festival, the first seafood festival was held in 1992.Organized by several seafood restaurants, it has attracted many foodies and tourists.
In the Seafood Festival, there are not only performances of Chinese traditional opera and lion dance, but also various promotional activities organized by various restaurants.


The route to Lei Yue Mun:
1. KMB Bus     : 14X at Kwun Tong MTR Station Exit D1 or Lam Tin MTR Station Bus Station
2. Minibus        : Hip Wo Street in Kwun Tong or Woosung Street in Jordan take the "Lei Yue Mun" route
3. MTR             : About 8 minutes walk from Exit A1 of Yau Tong MTR Station 
4. Ferry            : Nostalgia Ferry at Sai Wan Ho ferry pier, about 5 minutes walk from Sai Wan Ho MTR station


Lei Yue Mun has more than 150 years of history,In the past, most of the villagers were farmers, fishermen and miners. Start by the 60s, fishing village began to offer seafood in the restaurants, and gradually developed into a seafood district.


Nowadays, Lei Yue Mun is already as a well-known seafood spot. There are a number of seafood restaurants in there that provide delicious  seafood dishes at areasonable price. If the customer wants to try seafood, you can choose from within the restaurant ,or go to the seafood shop to buy fresh seafood, bring seafood to the restaurant, and finally let the chef cook for you.

Lei Yue Mun Lighthouse and Tin Hau Temple are two major features of Lei Yue Mun along the road overlooking Victoria Harbor, Haiphong Museum and the opposite Heng Fa Chuen.


If you want to enjoy seafood  the sunset, the perfect period is at dusk around 4 pm to 5 pm
p.s. Most seafood restaurants are closed from 2pm to 5pm.