Story of Lei Yue Mun

Story of Lei Yue Mun

Lei Yue Mun is a place well known by the local citizen.Most of us may have been to this tour, photographed in Toro Memorial, enjoyed a rich seafood feast, watch the sunset at the lighthouse. However have you ever heard the story of pirate in Lei Yue Men ?

When the building of Lei Yue Mun Village, the villagers are engaged in what economic activities?
Why did Lei Yue Mun develop into a well-known place to eat seafood?
Why diner in Lei Yue Mun buy seafood at one place but to eat seafood in another place?
When is the only remaining King George V pillar in Hong Kong to start serving the Lei Yue Mun?
This story about Lei Yue Mun awaits you to discover.

Small village shop old feelings

Shui Heung Yuen


Family secret recipe to make a good cake

There are not many old-style bakery stores in Hong Kong, but several of them are at Lei Yue Mun. Shui Heung Yuen is located in  Praya Road, established in 1970s. Opened more than 40 years,the shop place boxes of egg rolls, the Phoenix rolls, peach crisp, almond cake and other traditional bread.
Chicken-like cookies and cake wife cake are fresh-made every hour.
All are made by a 70-year-old Uncle Lee.
Uncle Li was born in a tradional cake-making family.He have been learning how to make cake from his father since childhood and has been for more than 50 years.

Shui Heung Yuen

Address : 41 Lei Yue Mun Praya Road C

Guo Bao

Across Ma Wan Tsuen ,

You may unexpectedly find a newly opened antique shop treasure in a row of simple village houses. Mr. Wei is the owner and the villagers. After retirement he make up for space within his home to open this antique shop. Mr. Wei, who is very interested in Chinese culture, said:"This shop mainly sells other people's antiques.Within my own place,seller dont have to pay rent. The purpose of the shop is to hope like-minded friends come together and exchange opinion. "

The most valuable treasure is a "Kangxi Dictionary". This dictionary is the eighth printed version in 1885,Mr Wei said that when an elderly person came to Hong Kong in flight to Hong Kong in 1949.Since he has no child thus place the dictionary in this shop.In antique shop, there are many ancient paintings and full of Chinese color decorations,welcoming people who like antiques to get together in there.

Guo Bao

Address:No. 77 , Praya Road East , Lei Yue Mun Road 



Pirates Build the Temple to Prevent Suppression from Government

Move on from the antique shop , there is a Tin Hau Temple at the end of the road.Tin Hau Temple was built in Qianlong eighteen years (1753) which is 257 years ago,It is rated as two historic buildings,and many interesting historical stories is occured.

Niu Shu, as the host in Tin Hau Temple for more than 20 years, said:"This temple was established by Zheng Lian Chang, a pirate who was in the area of Lei Yue Mun at that time.One of the purpose of the temple is to serve as its watch tower to monitor ships and prevent suppression from officers and soldiers. "

there is a large stone behind the altar . The stone about 1 meter height. It was the first place to worship Heaven.
Although the size of Tin Hau Temple is small,it serves as the guard the Lei Yue Mun Strait.
On the boulder beside the temple,Carved with a number of giant inscriptions which is very impressive.

Tin Hau Temple

Address﹕Ma Wan village, Lei Yue Mun